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The Troubles with Sound

Posted by RexxArt - December 13th, 2018

You may notice a lot of my uploads have no sound, it's mostly due to time as the process of loading the shots, finding the right sound files, adding ambiance, making sure I don't use music that is going to ding me for copyright, etc, has always been a big problem.  I am looking into a solution and have one possible option in which I make up some default "drop tracks" that I can time beforehand and drop into animations that use the same timing very quickly. 

The issue is I can see people finding the sounds getting repetitive as I will start out with a limited amount of sounds, and I would rather use no sound then deal with complaints over repetitive sound.  What do you guys think?

Looking for any advice people are willing to give on this.


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I cannot help you out directly but if you post this in the audio/voice actor forums, it'll increase your chances of getting advice on this matter.

A quick way could be to open the Youtube upload function. You can through it, locate royalty free music amongst stuff. Then download quite a few of those to get a gallery to use. That is probably the easiest way, I reckon.

You could source the sound out to someone else. Have someone come in and add the sound to your vids once you have them where you want them. There are plenty of people that are just masters at working sound, why not team up with someone? It might make the process a bit longer but you can work on other things while you wait. Maybe only do it for some vids and not all that way it doesn't get stale.

I would be happy to help with audio and contribute voice acted clips tailor made to your videos, feel free to send me a private message if you're interested!